couples therapy, couples therapist, infidelity, conflicts, communication, sexual problems

Couples therapy is relevant for those who are struggling with:

  • poor communication
  • Conflicts
  • distributions of tasks
  • lack of time together
  • being trapped in negative patterns
  • infidelity or other difficult events or topics that characterize the relationship such as child-rearing, problems in relation to family, financial problems, gambling problems, mental health problems and intoxication.
  • little proximity
  • sexual problems

Or it could be for those of you who thought you have a pretty good relationship, but who want to improve your relationship and make it stronger.

Emotional-focused therapy EFT

Our employees use emotional-focused couples therapy, a method created by Sue Johnson. This is an evidence-based method of couples therapy that has been shown to have a good effect for treatment.

John Gottman

John Gottman has researched a lot on relationships, and figured out what makes relationships better and what makes them
work out. We are inspired by this research and also use this in our approach to couples therapy.

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